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Disinfection firm sees robust market


Firstline Sanitation Solutions (FSS), a cleaning and disinfection services provider formed during the onset of the coronavirus disease, forecasts of a bullish domestic market as businesses put hygiene and sanitation in their premises a top priority when they restart operation.

FSS CEO Arthur Cantor said that as businesses prepare to re-open, there is a serious concern regarding whether they are properly and fully equipped in terms of having the necessary disease management mechanisms in place to prevent further transmission of the virus.

FSS caters to all businesses, from SMEs to multinational companies. FSS offers flexible operational model to suit the limit and scope of needs of clients.

Cantor cited a vibrant market across all industries despite several providers offering disinfecting services since the COVID-19 outbreak. He said FSS focuses on providing extraordinary service and imparting invaluable knowledge to our partners as we work with them to jumpstart our local economy.

According to Cantor, FSS utilizes a special blend of Quaternary Ammonium Compound, imported from abroad. Currently, the company supplies these disinfecting solutions and other preventive materials to businesses on top of its disinfecting services.

FSS currently employs 70 thoroughly trained and experienced people. “Most of our team members have qualifications from the hospitality industry, and they take pride in their capacity to provide quality service. We also have international partners who provide employment to their people as well,” he said.

FSS offers a custom set of service packages specifically designed to ensure a smooth sailing reopening for businesses. FSS services include facility disinfection using UV germicidal treatments and FDA-approved solutions for fogging and misting. Yielding maximum value at cost effective rates, FSS is firm in the belief that one-time procedures cannot systematically address the constant risk of exposure in public establishments.

“Our team members have undergone in-house service training in our command center facilitated by various experts, among which includes an infectious disease expert. We also implement rapid testing for all team members every two weeks to ensure their health and safety at work,” he said.

By providing disinfectant and cleaning solutions, Cantor expressed hope to help in the reopening and recovery of the domestic economy.

According to Cantor, FSS was formed at the onset of the coronavirus outbreak. It is a subsidiary of Thaison Builders and Developers, established by his father twenty years ago to provide healthcare-ready facilities.

“Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, we thought that given our extensive background in providing healthcare-ready facilities, it was only natural we shift to serving not just hospitals but other businesses as well,” he said.

“Our background in healthcare also helped us touch base with suppliers who have access to a strong formula that is known to kill coronavirus since 2014, and we got our supply two days before the ECQ started,” he said.

“As most companies are facing the challenge of catching up with lost business, we want to give our clients the privilege of not having to sacrifice cost for the safety of their employees.”

“We recognize that we live in a time where one missed decision can translate to the loss of life. Given this, we wanted to make disease management mechanisms more accessible to businesses regardless of their organization’s size,” he said.

FSS is also a way to support its manpower so they can continue supporting their families despite the economic pause.

It also helps people find jobs and help the clients focus on catching up with lost business to help jumpstart the Philippine economy. It envisions a safe and economical reopening for local businesses.

“The main focus of FSS at the moment is finding ways to extend our relevant knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry to other businesses in need given the new normal. We do this by making these expertise and solutions more accessible and affordable,” said Cantor.

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