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OPPO surveys markets for $7-B investments

OPPO, a leading global smart phone company, is conducting a survey to prepare for expansion of its manufacturing operation as the global firm is investing $7 billion for research and development over the next three years to further boost its new frontier technologies.

Jimmy Yi, OPPO’s APAC President, said this when asked during a webinar if it has plans to include the Philippines in its global supply chain. According to Yi, he was not in a position to reveal the latest development of their plan, but stressed that the Philippines is a very important strategic market for them.

 “Philippines is a very important strategic market in the Asia Pacific region because it has got a population of over 100 million and we’ve operated for over 5 years already and last year we we’re top one in the Philippine market,” he said.

As to whether it will have a manufacturing base in the Philippines or make the Philippines a part of its supply chain, Yi said this will largely depend on their business needs.

He said that OPPO is making lots of investments in over 20 countries with over 100 patent applications to protect its frontier technology developments and to bring to consumers the latest technologies.

“So far, OPPO is focusing on investing in R and D. In the next three years we’re going to invest $7 billion in R & D. We are going to focus on the development of 5G, 6G, AI, AR big data and other frontier technologies so that we can build up our core capabilities in hardware and software. We will also focus on in-depth technological innovation so we can prepare ourselves for a more mature ecosystem and multi device ecosystem for our IOT products and internet service. We are hoping we can focus our resources on R & D so that in the long run we can keep bringing our latest technologies and products to users,” he said.

He said they are positioning for the Philippines as  it plans to roll out its 5G soon with the launch of its new products. However, the COVID-19 has delayed the launch of its new products like the Reno 4 as it prioritized the health and safety of employees and customers during the lockdown.

“This year, due to pandemic and since the Philippines been on lockdown for quite a long time we adjusted our strategies and put consumers and employees first,” he said.

Because of the pandemic, it also delayed the launch of 5 series and Reno 3. But this month, Yi said it will launch Reno 4 which has boosted camera performance with AI.

According to Yi, OPPO landed as the number one mid-range to high end smart phone segment in the country last year. With the pandemic, Yi said they would concentrate on promoting its mid-range to premium products than looking into competition adding market ranking is a result of a good product being appreciated by consumers.

In the whole of the Asia Pacific region, Yi reported that although they are facing the COVID-19 challenges, OPPO still has very good performance.

In the first half of this year when the country was placed on rolling quarantines, OPPO managed to launch the first five series and Reno Series. This month alone, OPPO launched its Reno 4 and to launch Reno 5G and OPPO Watch in some markets.

“This year is also the first time for OPPO to really enter the domain of IOT,” he added noting that they launched also in the first half three headphones.

Yi said they can enter into the IOT domain this year in a comprehensive manner in the region because of its good foundation and huge user base. In the past two years, OPPO ranked top two in APAC  and top 1 in some markets with the launched the Reno 5 series and 8 Series.

Next year, the company is set to launch OPPO Smart TV in APC region to enrich its IOT portfolio.

Aside from IOT and smart phone products, OPPO has already kicked off some internet services in other many markets with pilot stores for game centers and browser and in second half to launch video games and platforms so work with designers to develop software ecosystem.

“APEC is most important OPPO overseas market and in more than 10 years operation we can this market a pilot region to bring best services and products,” Yi said.

OPPO is a leading global smart device brand since the launch of its first smartphone – “Smiley Face” – in 2008.

Today, OPPO provides customers with a wide range of smart devices spearheaded by the Find and Reno series, ColorOS operating system, as well as internet services such as OPPO Cloud and OPPO+. OPPO operates in more than 40 countries and regions, with 6 research institutes and 4 R&D centers worldwide and an international design center in London, OPPO’s more than 40,000 employees are dedicated to creating a better life for customers around the world.

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