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PCCI asked to report red tape complaints to ARTA

LGUs under watch

PCCI President Benedicto V. Yujuico (left),  ARTA Director General Jeremiah B. Belgica.

The Anti Red Tape Authority has designated the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) as “ARTA Champion” granting it the power to receive and report complaints from the business sector for prompt appropriate action by the anti-red tape body.

This was highlighted in the Memorandum of Understanding signed Friday by ARTA Director General Jeremiah B. Belgica and PCCI President Benedicto V. Yujuico.

The MOU seeks to eliminate bureaucratic red tape and ease the cost of doing business for micro, small and medium enterprises especially in transacting with the local government units (LGUs).

Based on the MOU, the PCCI and its chapters nationwide shall be designated as “ARTA Champions” and as such, is a partner institution of ARTA in its endeavor to ease the doing of business in the Philippines and to deliver an efficient government service.

As ARTA Champions, PCCI and its chapters nationwide shall be authorized by ARTA to receive complaints from the business sector, which shall be promptly endorsed to said agency for appropriate action.

PCCI shall designate a Focal Person, who shall be the main contact person of ARTA and shall be responsible in accepting complaints and reviewing the same before endorsing it to ARTA.

With this enhanced effort to eliminate bureaucratic red tape that is tantamount to corruption at the lowest level of government, LGUS, both ARTA and PCCI also agreed that processing of documents via the business one-stop-shop of LGUs must be automated by 2021.

For its part, ARTA shall ensure that the complaints endorsed by PCCI are acted upon accordingly and promptly, and that PCCI is regularly updated on the status of such complaint.

The parties also agreed to keep in strict confidence all confidential information obtained orally or in writing, voluntarily or involuntarily, in connection with this MOU.

As such, all employees and personnel of the Parties who will have access to any confidential information in connection with this MOU must execute Non-Disclosure Agreements before being granted access to such information.

The parties commit to preserve all confidential information and refrain from disclosing the same to any third party or to its own employees other than those who need to know the same for the performance of this MOU.

Parties are bound by written confidentiality agreements with terms and conditions at least as stringent as the terms in this MOU.

This obligation shall remain in effect during the Term of this MOU, and for a period of two years after its termination.

However, parties are not prevented from disclosing information that is already known by either Party prior to the disclosure thereof with no obligation of confidentiality; publicly known or becomes publicly known not due to any unauthorized act of either party; approved by the other Party for disclosure; or required to be disclosed pursuant to any governmental or legal requirement or process, provided that the disclosing Party gives the other party written notice of such requirement prior to any such disclosure.

ARTA shall provide PCCI, whenever feasible, with materials such as pamphlets, brochures, booklets, and/or manuals that will educate or raise the awareness of the business sector about R.A. No. 11032 and its salient provisions.

ARTA shall seek the recommendations of PCCI on matters relative to the improvement of regulatory systems, policies, and procedures of various NGAs and LGUs.

This MOU shall be effective immediately.

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