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Centre Médicale Internationale (CMI), the premier medical clinic, takes control of thinning hair with the revolutionary Regenera Activa hair loss treatment.

Thinning hair which can lead to premature baldness is caused by a lot of factors. If not detected and treated at its early stage, it can be a bit distressing. Methods of treating hair loss range from taking hair-growth medicines which may come with a number of undesirable side effects,
application of serums on the scalp which can cause some allergic reactions, or hair transplant surgery which is quite costly. The most common form of alopecia (hair loss) is the androgenic type, which occurs due to the follicles’ sensitivity to androgen hormones. The increased levels of androgen in hair follicles can shorten and delay the growth cycle of new hair strands replacing those that were shed.

If you think you are suffering from androgenic alopecia, you may want to consider a treatment based on the most updated regenerative medicine protocol today. In a nutshell, this treatment stops the disorder and revitalizes the hair to promote growth from other living or ‘hypo-
functioning’ follicles. Centre Médicale Internationale (CMI) is proud to introduce—the Regenera Activa. With over a hundred physicians and health professionals covering specialities including pathological dermatology, CMI, the pioneer in concierge medicine, is no doubt the best place to get treated for this condition. You can receive a very professional and in-depth consultation, followed by a highly personalized treatment in the privacy of an executive suite inside its state-of-the-art medical clinic.

CMI’s Regenera Activa is a comfortable three-step procedure which can lasts only in one session for about 30 to 45 minutes. Local anesthesia is first applied around the nape area and with the use of a disposable dermal punch biopsy instrument, three skin samples at 2.5 millimeter in size,
are taken from the scalp at the occipital area which is the least susceptible to hormonal hair loss.

The ‘punched’ sites will heal spontaneously without leaving any visible scarring. The samples are then collected and placed into the Regenera Active device. This device will process and filtrate these samples in order to isolate progenitor cells, stem cells, and growth factors to form a highly-concentrated suspension. The prepared suspension will be reintroduced and injected back to the bald area. This will initiate the repair process and stimulate blood vessel formation and regeneration of hair follicles.

The patient can resume normal daily activities within 24 hours after the treatment as there is no downtime. However, it is advisable to avoid saunas, swimming pools, and excessive sun exposure of the scalp for three days after the treatment. Visible results can be seen in 14 days after the treatment and these include hair loss reduction, improved density and thickness of hair, and scalp coverage. CMI’s Regenera Activa technology was developed in Spain, earning it the CE Mark and US Food & Drug Administration approval. This non-surgical, outpatient procedure is fast, highly-effective and performed entirely by the board-certified dermatologists of Centre Médicale Internationale. Your journey towards a fuller and thicker hair starts now.

To know more about CMI’s Regenera Activa, have your consultation and treatment at Centre Médicale Internationale (CMI), 2F Ore Central , 31st Street corner 9th Avenue, Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City. Follow on Facebook, on Instagram, @cmi_care on Twitter, or visit

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