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CDHI remains optimistic despite pandemic

Costa Del Hamilo Inc. (CDHI) is looking at sales of P500 million this year for its FREIA project amid the still evolving pandemic.    

Alexis Ortiga, CDHI senior assistant vice-president, said in a statement the sales target for FREIA is an indication of confidence in their target market.

 “The current new environment and recent enforced home quarantine has spurred people to re-think the purpose of their traditional living spaces and investment portfolio,” said Ortiga.

He noted that over the past 3 months, residence investors have quickly realized just how cramped spaces often are in cities and how healthy living in a sustainable community plays a vital role more than ever.

Almost overnight, he said, real estate as an alternative investment class has gone beyond value preservation and steady yields to now involve personal and familial longevity, safety, and security.

In addition to asset diversification, Real Estate is now a major consideration as a logistical haven, should things sour with one’s primary residence.

 As an investment class, Ortiga said that FREIA already stands out from the rest with its proposition of premium seaside living and direct West Philippine Sea views.

Given today’s varied investment environment, Ortiga said that FREIA at Pico de Loro Cove continues to prove that it is a wise investment considering it is a class of its own, a good asset value, and healthy lifestyle.

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