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Vivant to offer customized power solutions to businesses

Vivant Energy Corporation of the Garcia group is stepping up its plunge into the retail power market with the launch of its COREnergy, which will be its retail electricity supplier (RES) unit that will cater to the need for customized power solutions of businesses.

With that newly minted power retailing venture, the company said it targets to “provide alternative power supply options for businesses and total energy solutions,” that in turn, could help end-users bring down their overall spending for power supply and services.

As emphasized by  Vivant Energy Executive Vice President and COO Emil Andre M. Garcia, the company “adapted COREnergy’s approach to enable business owners to optimize their opportunities, and convert challenges into benefits.”

COREnergy’s current portfolio of clients include semi-conductors, aggregates, poultry industry and schools; and the services rendered to them are of varying capacities.

With the leap of the power retail market as ushered in by the Retail Competition and Open Access (RCOA) policy in the restructured electricity sector, contestable customers or the big ticket end-users can already choose their suppliers and they can also directly contract their preferred electricity services with them.

The threshold for retail competition in the power industry is in the level of 750 kilowatts and up – and these are generally commercial establishments; buildings and industries.

In the experience of most consumers served by RES or retail power suppliers, the overall cost of electricity they are paying for had been less; and the services rendered to them also keep on improving because of the very intense competition happening in this segment of the electricity industry.

“We recognize that the power industry is evolving. For business owners, this brings both an opportunity and a challenge,” Garcia said.

Arlo G. Sarmiento, president of Vivant Corporation, highlighted that if corporates will opt for COREnergy as their partner in exploring energy solutions for their enterprises, “business owners can be sure about getting the kind of excellent service that Vivant has been known and respected for decades.”

He said that prospective partners could lean on Vivant’s length of experience in the power sector, while adding that “we have proven ourselves to be forward-looking and adaptable in providing the kind of service that our partners need.”

Vivant said its COREnergy unit kicked off commercial operations last year; and the formal launch just happened recently because it just started tapping the retail market this year.

Given fervid competitive play of most players in the retail market, the Garcia-led firm indicated that COREnergy will “offer customized and end-to-end solution for business owners – from engineering to testing and due diligence.

“This enables businesses to focus on their core competencies, rather than worry about their power needs,” the company stressed.

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