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Fresh Options Celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival with a Dimsum Basket!

In the darkest of times, there is always a hope for a fresh start now that the moon will be at its brightest.

On the first day of October this year, the Mooncake Festival will be celebrated once again to commemorate the conclusion of the autumn harvest. It is a bright and wonderful reunion of families full of thanksgiving and joy for the bountiful yield in the fullness of the moonlight. Although 2020 is one tough year, there is still a spark of fresh morning in the dark moonlit skies.

In any celebration around the world, no matter how big or small, food is always (and will forever be) present. It completes the whole festive spirit and ultimately ties the bond of families and cultures passed on from one generation to another. Also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival, besides the Mooncake as the highlighted entrĂ©e of this celebration, one of the freshest options that is sumptuously suitable to complete the occasion is a basket full of Dimsum – affordable yet deliciously adored by all. With that, Fresh Options Meatshop brings you its delightful Dimsum Basket!

Taste the rich essence of authentic Oriental quality

In 2007, RDF Feed, Livestock & Foods Inc. (RDF) saw the scarcity of fine and authentic-tasting Chinese dishes in the market. Thus, RDF created its ‘Dimsum Basket’ as an additional offering to the line of Fresh Options Meatshop products. It started with Pork and Chicken Lumpia variants, followed by the launch of delish Dimsum products such as Pork Siomai, Chicken Siomai and Japanese Siomai, Fried Wanton, Quekiam, and Chicken Feet because of the initial success of its Lumpia variants. These original Oriental flavors are perfect not only for the Mooncake Festival, but also for your every day consumption and cravings.

Relish the exquisite Oriental variety

The Dimsum Basket of Fresh Options  offers a wide array of products that can make any occasion more exquisite and your cravings satisfied. These are the classic ‘spring rolls’, Pork and Chicken Lumpiang Shanghai, the diverse variants of Pork Siomai, Chicken Siomai  and Japanese Siomai,  which are a perfect with soy sauce and calamansi, Chinese dumplings Fried Wanton, Chicken Feet which are simmered in tasty tausi sauce recipe, the infamous Quekiam, and the thin sliced loin with a sweet, Asian anise flavor perfect when paired with Cua Pao, Char Siu.

Enjoy delectably with ease and within a budget

These authentic-tasting Dimsum dishes can be ordered online through Ranging from P80 to P120 per variant, you can grab your Dimsum choices and have them delivered to your doorstep. The Mid-Autumn Festival and any other occasions can be grand in just one tap!

Indulge tastefully in an instant

Preparing these delightful Dimsum dishes is as easy as 1-2-3. Available in ready-to-cook packs, you can serve them in an instant – fast and simple!

Savor deliciously with guaranteed clean and safe ingredients

RDF is a vertically integrated company that produces goods mostly from its own supplies. That’s why the ingredients are guaranteed fresh and safe for the whole family. Also, all Dimsum products  are made from fresh meats.

Family gathering may not be as we know it today. But a simple treat of Dimsum Basket for your loved ones at home and even away from it can be gesture of warmth and love this season.

Whether it’s a Mooncake or a Dimsum Basket, let us still be thankful for the harvest and the moonlit hope that we can cling to.

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