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Mega continues COVID-19 efforts

Mega Global, the country’s largest sardine fishing and canning operator, has continued to serve communities to ease the burden of its employees, and the government amid the pandemic through its Mega Malasakit Kitchen and Bayani Care Package.

This time, Mega Global has partnered with the Department of Health for its  BIDASolusyonsa COVID-19 Campaign. This campaign aims to encourage Filipinos to take an active role in the fight against COVID-19 by promoting the correct behaviors, which are known by their starting letters: B – Bawalwalangmask;  I-sanitize ang mgakamay, iwas-hawaksamgabagay; D – Dumitansya ng isang metro and A – Alamin ang totoongimpormasyon.

 As part of the partnership, Mega Global will help in rolling out BIDA information materials on virus prevention among its consumers. As the Philippines’ largest sardine brand, Mega Global enjoys a wide reach, allowing it to bring the message of BIDA to more Filipinos. In addition, the information campaign will also run on the Mega Sardines Facebook page, thereby increasing the number of people that the campaign will reach.

 BIDA behaviors are strictly implemented by Mega Global in its own offices and facilities. Social distancing is observed, and new normal kits with personal protective gears have been distributed to all employees to be worn at all times. Hygiene protocols and procedures are in place upon entering the office premises, and disinfection is done daily.  Contract tracing is also in place. Mega Global’s strict protocols safeguard its people, and also ensures the safety of its products.

 “Malasakit is deeply ingrained in our corporate values, and we would liketo be of help where we are most needed. This pandemic has been hard on everybody, including ourselves, but we have also become resilient and we have realized that we can overcome this crisis faster if we help each other. This partnership with the DOH is just one of many ways that allows us to be of assistance to Filipinos. We believe that we can help by providing correct information that would help protect people by empowering them to help themselves,” said Marvin Tiu Lim, Chief Growth and Development Officer.

Beyond this, Mega Global continues to pursue a myriad of activities as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility efforts. The Mega Malasakit Kitchen continues to provide home-cooked meals to our tireless frontliners. Its current beneficiaries are homeless Filipinos and displaced PUJ drivers who lost their source of income due to the quarantine. Mega Global partnered with Autokid and the Department of Transportation for the Mega Care Caravan to reach out to transport service cooperatives, deploying meals, masks, shirts and sardines to the beneficiaries.

The distribution of these care packages is done with help of Mega Employees, who spend a few hours in a day to go around the Metro and give away food packs and canned goods. “The help that we extended, no matter how small, gives them hope that they have something to eat and something to give their families in the next few days. It is this message of hope that we want to bring to people, for them to know that malasakit from fellow Filipinos can still be felt despite the challenging situation we are all in” concluded Tiu Lim.

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