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Seeing a rebound, 46th PBC pushes for strong innovation

The enthusiasm of Philippine business leaders can never be dampened by the pandemic as they remained steadfast in their conviction that country’s economic rebound remains very strong, but stressed the need to push for stronger innovation efforts.

Enunina Mangio

“Prospects for the country’s economic rebound remains very strong because of the resilient nature of our people,” said businesswoman Enunina V. Mangio in her opening remarks as chairman of the 46th Philippine Business Conference & Expo with the theme  ”Innovation@PH”, which opened today (Wednesday, Oct. 7) virtually.

The annual PBC is the country’s largest business gathering in the country organized by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) attended by its local chambers across the country. It also gathers its foreign business group counterparts and other business councils overseas.

Mangio noted that today’s global health crisis has thrown the world in disarray with governments forced to shut down and imposed quarantines to save as many lives as possible.

 Hence, she said, this year’s two-day 46th PBC theme of “Innovation@PH” is but timely to drive digital technology and address policy gaps to push for further innovation in the country.

“With the theme Innovation@PH, this year’s conference can hopefully give businesses, stakeholders and government a roadmap that will help us achieve our aspirations for a much brighter and safer future,” she said.

“As we navigate through this radically-shaped environment, innovation will surely come about as businesses try their best to adapt to the radical shift in consumer behavior,” she said.

Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) President Benedicto V. Yujuico

In his welcome remarks, PCCI President Amb. Benedicto V. Yujuico said that innovation will always remain as his advocacy for his entire term.

When he stepped into PCCI as new president in January this year, Yujuico said “I requested the approval and support of the PCCI Board to approve Innovation as our national advocacy during my tenure as President.  I assured the PCCI Board that this one word, Innovation, has the power to move our country forward to the next level.”

“So now, we are here today, gathered virtually, at the PBC with Innovation@PH as our rallying cry to restart our economy and to get back to our journey to achieve our national ambition that by 2040 the Philippines will be a prosperous middle class society where no one is poor, where people live long and healthy lives and everyone will be smart and innovative.”

 He revealed that as COVID1-19 became more imminent in the middle of March this year, the PCCI was concerned because of its potential to disrupt lives and livelihood. The PCCI even discussed the possibility of postponing all the major events scheduled for the next several months, including the annual Philippine Business Conference.

But, instead of postponing the scheduled events of the year, he said the PCCI Board actually voted to “double down” of its activities.

“As the Voice of Business, this would be the time that we would be needed the most by our constituency and our country. We realize that we need to be the example of leadership by moving forward, instead of hiding, in the time of crises,” he said.

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