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Makati Med on track with P1-B expansion

The Makati Medical Center (MMC), the country’s leading healthcare and medical provider, said it will maintain its close to P1 billion expansion program for 2021 they had set even before the pandemic as they move to add more facilities, equipment, and bring its services offsite to serve more people in the communities.

 MMC President and CEO Atty. Pilar Nenuca Almira stressed during a webinar that the premier hospital in Makati is poised for growth despite the pandemic and never to stand still as she presented its initiatives for 2021 and how it was coping during the height of the pandemic.

 “I am convinced that we must expand and we must grow. So, we looking at the possibility of a little less than a billion pesos if go back to the pre-pandemic,” she said stressing that “We will always believe that if we will not increase, we will automatically decrease.”

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“So, we are going to invest as though it is pre-pandemic, we continue the efforts as we are well prepared to make the proposals even if non-budgeted provided it is viable and help patients in the community, we will go ahead,” she added.

Among MMC initiatives for 2021 include expansion of its home care services, creation of a transplant center initially to three and more later on. Hopefully, she said, MMC can improve their capability for more transplantations by early 2021.

“We will also bring MMC services closer to the communities, we look at the possibility and options for clinic management in different condominiums and residential communities we will be there and we would like to tie up with homeowners associations and condominium associations and in  so doing we are bringing our services closer to them and assuring them we will be their partner in the prevention of illness through the education of people,” she added.

MMC will also expand its renal care center and acquisition of new machines for CathLab and MRI.

Because of huge demand for this kind of facilities, MMC is looking at expanding their renal care to offsite centers to make sure they can serve more patients.

In 2021, MMC is committed to improve the conveniences of patients who are availing of various services in the hospital by centralizing the registration area for out-patient.

MMC will also strengthen its five core competencies in the fields of cardiology, oncology, neurology, gastroenterology, and orthopedics. In addition, Almira said “We will further support our doctors so they may be able to perform even in the most difficult areas of their specialization,” she said.

MMC will also renew its JCIA accreditation and is prepared to be accredited by the Investors in People so they can further strengthen and run its operations smoothly.

The relatively new president of MMC further addressed the impression that the hospital is catering more for the upper class and charges higher fees than other hospitals. “Actually, we are inclusive,” said Almira after only a few months at MMC stressing “It is just an impression because we have been receiving all kinds of patients and we are not discriminating at all, we provide care to all.”

In terms of fees, Almira said that they are reasonable rates and have been benchmarking their rates and have been transparent in their fees. “We hope the general public see us as inclusive and experience the kind of care and quality that we provide,” she added.

Aside from its drive to boost growth in terms of the number of patients served and in revenues, MMC also continues is learning and development efforts for the medical and administrative staff. They are also into relationship-building and strengthening of the organization and innovation.

“We will be emphasizing creativity and we will be the frontrunner in introducing new medical services and in the use of technology. We would like to become the thought leader in the field of medicines and in the field of running a hospital,” she said.

She added that MMC would like to maintain its standing as the leader in the hospital group of Manuel V. Pangilinan-led Metro Pacific Hospital Holdings Inc., which has a network of 17 hospitals nationwide.

All these initiatives, Almira said, are expected to result in efficiencies and improved revenues for the hospital. As a result, this will transform the savings to help bring down the cost of healthcare in the country.

MMC, she said, is committed to better health outcomes for patients. The hospital will also support and help through noble advocacies and serve the marginalized.

Almira reported that MMC is now operating like before the pandemic in a new healthy normal as patients are coming back and doctors are back as well, holding clinics and continuing to do procedures while observing the strict protocols. The only difference, she said, is that they are wearing masks and face shields because everyone has to co-exist with the virus although the positive cases are going down.

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